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About Us

Setform is a market-leading business information and media company operating principally within the fields of engineering, science and energy. Our products include print and digital magazines, websites, high-impact visual media and targeted E-Blasts.

Many of our titles are inter-linked to provide our readers with a combination of traditional print articles and up-to-date online news. All titles are response-driven so that readers feel connected with the publication and advertisers gain a direct benefit from their involvement.

Our research team ensures that all our databases are kept up-to-date on a daily basis. We also undertake regular telephone marketing exercises to verify our readership and to build new databases for our expanding titles.

We operate from bright, air-conditioned offices in Central London. The mood is friendly and welcoming, yet both dynamic and meritocratic. Ability is rewarded and there are exciting opportunities for ambitious staff across all departments.

At the heart of our success has been our willingness to develop new products and new media. We continue to invest heavily in our websites in terms of content, design and search engine marketing. Many of our print titles have been published for over 30 years and their continued success has allowed us to develop new titles in associated industries. We remain committed to expansion across all platforms and will continue to explore new markets and new forms of publishing


Our office in Sydney was opened in 1999 and continues to publish a range of information wall charts and websites for the careers, medical and consumer sectors.  Our editorial team works closely with several leading Australian trade associations to ensure that Good Healthcareour publications continue to provide the most up-to-date information and advice.


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